Tac Unit

EnXnet's Thermal Air Control System (TAC Unit) runs on battery power and is environmentally friendly using only green approved fluids. A truck can remain parked with the motor off and maintain a comfortable environment for the driver while burning no diesel fuel at all up to 10 to 12 hours on the auxiliary battery system. The Unit has other vehicle applications.




A technology to reduce the planar thickness of an optical disc.




With MoxyCard®, merchant's brands have an opportunity to ensure the value of a gift card will go towards the purchase of their product through placement of a rich media advertisement containing special offers, printable coupons, or even full video presentations and web link connections

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OneDisc™/DVDPlus© is a dual-sided, hybrid optical disc media that uniquely combines two distinct storage formats for distribution on a single disc, a DVD (digital versatile disc) on one side and a CD (compact disc) on the other.  

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EnXcase™ (Patented)

The EnXcase™ was created specifically for our OneDisc™/DVDPlus© hybrid optical disc to stand out in retail displays and reduce in-store theft. 

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Passive Resonant Reflector (Patented)

The Passive Resonant Reflector is a unique device developed primarily for the Electronic Article Surveillance device industry to be used as an alternative to the standard EAS tags on the market today. This technology may have a variety of applications not only in commercial/industrial but military alike.



Antenna For Storage Disc (Patented)

The ornamental design for an antenna for an optical disc has many applications in the optical disc industry to include CD, DVD, and BlueRay. The antenna is capable of transceiving a variety of signals generated from devices such as Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID).




EnXmedia®, a division of EnXnet, Inc., specializes in media replication, fulfillment and distribution. Our feature product, OneDisc™/DVDPlus© can deliver DVD video, DVD audio, CD audio, and interactive CDROM / Internet applications and content, all on one disc. We also offer replication of Audio/Video CDs, Audio/Video DVDs, Super Audio CDs (SACD), VHS tapes, cassettes and vinyl records. EnXmedia also provides glass mastering, graphic design, printing and labeling, assembling and packaging, and product fulfillment services.

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ClearVideo®© (Patented)

ClearVideo®© technology allows compression of digital video using fractal digitization and includes high quality audio compression creating the smallest file possible while virtually duplicating the quality of the original.

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